about Mona Trinity

Hello everyone and welcome to my humble website.

Here are some information about my person:

I love going to concerts in my free time, it is basically my main hobby. Since from my 2nd  show on or so I mostly am in the front row, I always saw those lucky photographers standing directly in front of the stage and taking awesome pictures of my favorite bands. Wanting the same, I got myself a high-end compact camera (DSLR are not allowed in the crowd, such a shame) and tried to do my best photos I could from my spot. The results vary between laughable and quite decent. Music is very important to me, so I visit many concerts. Taking pictures of my favourite musicians in action is not so easy, but the challenge is something I really like, so here I am, trying to take great shots of artists.

My favorite bands to shoot on stage are Sabaton, Tarja, Battle Beast and NorthTale (and they also are some of my favorites to listen to).


I am located in Switzerland, so the majority of my pictures are taken here.

Since I also love to travel in the world, it happens, that I take pictures in nature or in cities. However, this does not happen that often.  Some random nature shots are uploaded on my facebook page.

Feel free to contact me regarding collaborations.


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